Growing Research Integrity Together

The Growing Research Integrity Together (GRIT) workshop is founded on the premise that everyone has a role to play in research integrity and that everyone can make a difference in institutional integrity, regardless of the person’s job or job responsibilities within the research enterprise.

Given that few sponsored projects in the research enterprise take place without involvement from research administrators, it’s important to enlist these research professionals and administrators as partners who can help foster the shared feeling of “we’re all in this together.” We call this shared purpose the “research integrity partnership” (RIP).


GRIT 2018

Our 2018 GRIT workshop is an online conference that will include both introductory and more advanced topics in the field of research integrity. This two-day experience will feature brief lectures, panel discussions, online chats, games and some active problem solving. Day one will focus on grounding our understanding of research integrity. Day two will shift from participants as attendees to participants as partners who can take what they've learned back to their jobs.


Add-On to your grit experience

Participants in our certificate program can add to their online conference experience, including six months of research-based mentoring, extended online videos of presenters, discussion guides for use in team-building and training, online networking events and online collaborative discussion groups. 


Background on GRIT

We developed the basic GRIT curriculum in 2015 after having read all the relevant literature and after gathering preliminary data and experiences from our other education and training events. We utilized a panel of research ethics education experts who helped us ensure that our materials were grounded in the language and scholarly literature of research integrity. We held out first conference July 7-9, 2015, at Vanderbilt University with nearly 60 participants from across the US.

We held the second GRIT Conference in 2016 and were awarded a Conference Grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Research Integrity to develop the curriculum for our online workshop format.

GRIT is not just a one-and-done conference on research integrity and research administration. Because the model we've developed for GRIT is evolving, we'll be evaluating and modifying the curriculum as necessary.

We are targeting research administrators, a group that has been inadequately explored in the research on research integrity. Our preliminary reviews have identified few targeted research administrator educational programs in research ethics. Most identified programs are limited in scope to work area (the lab, the clinic, the central office) or silos of knowledge (such as financial or compliance), and none take a holistic stance or focus on increased competencies or action-oriented outcomes in the formation and maintenance of the RIP.

We are using a novel approach and novel educational interventions. GRIT is delivered via a conference and a number of potential post-conference evaluations, which can include mentoring, webinar learning and online discussion groups.

To be successful in discouraging misconduct, we must focus educational efforts throughout the larger, global research enterprise, targeting those within the research enterprise who have a significant potential to impact research conduct.

GRIT offers the potential to facilitate meaningful macro-level system changes that would improve research conduct across the larger, global research enterprise or at a minimum, raise the level of discourse throughout the research community.