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Growing Research Integrity Together Workshop

Join Us Online As We Grow Research Integrity Together

LEARN from research integrity experts with colleagues around the world. DISCUSS key concepts and applications in live discussion groups. ENGAGE through activities, games and contests designed to build bridges and grow capacity. REFLECT on ways to use what you learn.

Participants at our live GRIT1 in 2016

Participants at our live GRIT1 in 2016


Tues,  Sept 25 2018 - Wed, Sept 26 2018, from 10 AM - 4 PM CST each day


Drs. Sam Gannon and Elizabeth Heitman


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Extended Lectures, Activities and Discussion Guides Available September 28, 2018


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This workshop will include powerful insights across the spectrum of research integrity, including lectures, discussions, activities and more. Our goal is that you will be able to:

  • Grasp the background and history of research integrity in the sciences and the policy around it

  • Understand the content areas for research integrity and responsible conduct across varied areas, including international collaborations,vertebrate animal and human subjects research, data management and the administration of research

  • Partner with others in the sponsored research enterprise to form Research Integrity Partnerships

  • Take best practices from the workshop and apply them in your own sponsored research enterprise

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