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Getting Started in Sponsored Research

We get it. We’ve been there before. Like you, we’ve started a new job or assumed a new role in the research enterprise and then walked into more than one situation where we had no idea what was going on. More times than we can count, we were the clueless ones, struggling to learn a new job,  new responsibilities and a whole new language. Sometimes, we still are that person. We could tell you plenty of stories. Hang around long enough and we will tell you everything we know.

We'd love for you to attend our new, live webinar series, called Getting Started in Sponsored Research. The goal is to help folks better understand the nature and function of the sponsored research enterprise. We’ll offer this series in six short webinars. While we encourage people to take all the sessions in sequential order, it isn’t a requirement. At the end of each 30-minute session, we’ll hold live office hours for questions and feedback.

The Getting Started in Sponsored Research webinar series is ideal for faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and residents, community members, patients and others who want to see the 30,000-foot view of sponsored research. This live webinar series is offered at no cost.

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session 1: Context for sponsored research

In this session we will define the term sponsored research and talk about why colleges, universities, academic medical centers and other institutions engage in sponsored research. We will talk about the basic elements of the sponsored research enterprise and the organizational context for sponsored research. Lastly we will review the order of precedence and talk about some of the overarching compliance concerns and initiatives for support in the research enterprise. Read what attendees had to say about Session 1?

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In this live webinar we will talk about some of the categories used to describe the types of sponsored research projects we undertake. We'll review how we organize and discuss these research categories. We'll also differentiate between a gift, a grant and a contract. Lastly, we'll talk about the various sponsors of sponsored research and what they look for when selecting projects for funding.

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SESSION 3: Lifecycle of  a project, Part 1

In this live webinar, we will talk about the first half of the lifecycle of a sponsored research project, including the research development and finding funding phase and proposal development, approval and submission phase. This bird’s eye view will include some of the important considerations when selecting a funding opportunity as well as what you should look for when reviewing proposal guidelines. We’ll talk about the main components of grants and contracts and the requirements necessary for institutional approval. Finally, we will review some of the important considerations in the peer review process.




SESSION 4: Lifecycle of  a project, Part 2

In this live webinar, we will talk about the second half of the lifecycle of a sponsored research project, which includes project start-up, project management and closeout. In this broad overview, we will review some of the important elements in getting a project started on the right foot. We’ll also talk about some of the best practices in managing a project, including strategies for being audit ready. Lastly, we’ll review some of the requirements in closing out a project.

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SESSION 5: Research Integrity

In this live webinar, we’ll talk about research integrity and compliance in sponsored research. We’ll define both research integrity and research misconduct and the important areas of programmatic and administrative concern when discussing research integrity. We will review some of the important internal and external drivers of research compliance and the best way to discuss and report research compliance/integrity concerns.

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SESSION 6: Supporting Research

In this final session, we’ll talk about some of the top strategies and best practices for supporting and encouraging sponsored research as well as supporting research compliance. We’ll work through some examples of the support that may be required and the most likely areas to provide this assistance. Lastly, we’ll review some of the important characteristics one should have to work in sponsored research.

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Meet the Presenter

SAM GANNON, EdD. Dr. Gannon is the director of the Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development, a nationally known program that educates administrative, clinical and other research faculty and staff members in the best practices in the administration of and compliance in sponsored research programs. His work focuses on strategies to increase learning and professional development for faculty, staff and students.


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