Vanderbilt Internaitonal Linkages Project with the University of Duhok, Iraq

International Linkages

The Vanderbilt International Linkages Program (VILP) is designed to provide meaningful opportunities for participants to interact with Vanderbilt and Meharry faculty members, leadership and community members to acquire and apply new knowledge and gain professional experiences while also promoting mutual understanding and stronger, enduring and more substantive relations among Vanderbilt, Meharry and foreign institutions.

On-Campus Program

Interested individuals complete an online assessment at the VILP website and an application, which includes a statement of interest. These will be reviewed by the program director and the selection committee for suitability with the program’s goals and objectives. Individuals selected to participate in the VILP will consult with the program director via Skype to further refine their long and short-term goals and objectives (the Individual Professional Development Plan or IPDP), which will become the roadmap for their individual VILP experiences.

Participants will then travel to the Vanderbilt campus in Nashville, Tennessee for a structured and substantive learning and sharing experience that will support participants’ learning objectives as outlined in their IPDPs. For individuals who do not speak English (or who do not speak English well), selected Vanderbilt students or community members/translators will be invited to participate as VILP ambassadors and interpreters during the visit. These interpreters will be able to attend all VILP activities, share experiences and network, thus broadening the impact of the program. 

In the months following the on-campus program, the project director will communicate with participants through weekly email messages and tailored coaching sessions via Skype. Participants will also engage in online discussion forums with peers and VILP leaders, all designed to encourage them as they both implement their action plans and share their program experiences. Participants will receive a stipend to use when they return home that will support their efforts in implementing action plans.