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About Us: We're Different


We don't go for boring or death by PowerPoint. We want to help you grow and thrive. The best way we know to do this is through engagement.  In our sessions, we talk about the real-world and unique challenges and opportunities of the research enterprise. You’ll hear from real people who work in the research enterprise. Along the way, you’ll meet a number of faculty members and principal investigators who will talk about their own experiences working with research staff members in the research enterprise. 


you Take Charge  

We want to give you the tools to make a difference right where you are in the research enterprise. We will share our strategies, techniques, and best practices designed to move you from being a passive learner to active participant in supporting research and research compliance. The best part is that you can act on your new understandings today. 


Reflections, next steps & take-aways

We’ll also give you opportunities to reflect on the best practices, techniques and strategies and identify the ones that you want to add to your toolbox. In addition to receiving copies of all the handouts and slides, you will be able to note your “take away” points in our Next Steps Surveys and make a detailed Action Plan for your professional development. Ultimately, we want to put you in charge of how you support the research enterprise by giving you a wide variety of tools and information.


Maximize the Learning

In addition to our main presentations, we've got a library of more than 100 videos on research administration and research compliance that you can access. We've also got tons of other resources in our toolbox that we're happy to share with you. We also offer activities, discussion guides and our toolbox to help you tailor you experience and enhance the benefits. We have a robust pool of mentors and subject matter experts from Vanderbilt and beyond too who can meet you where you are and speak directly to your role in the research enterprise. 



We are firm believers that the feedback loop (or backchannel) is essential to growing an effective program. We want to hear from you. Your evaluations are actionable for us. We take your comments and act on them as soon and possible while sharing them with the larger audience so that we can all benefit from the process. 


Your Action Plan

Intentions without action aren’t worth very much. Our goal is to help you move from intention to action. We’ll help you craft an Action Plan that you can take back to work with you. We’ll also follow-up to prompt you to document steps that you’re taking to support research and research compliance. Through our monthly newsletters, we'll share tips on how to talk to your faculty members and research staff, and offer some techniques that you can use for effective communication.


The Vanderbilt Difference

Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center scientists are on the cutting edge in research, posing innovative solutions to some of the most challenging questions facing us today. You’ll meet some of these faculty members in our programs. With more than $500 million in external funding (FY2016), our faculty members, administrators and leaders will be speaking from experience in how they support team science and the best practices that you can implement.