Getting Started in Sponsored Research

We get it. We’ve been there before. Like you, we’ve started a new job or assumed a new role in the research enterprise and then walked into more than one situation where we had no idea what was going on. More times than we can count, we were the clueless one, struggling to learn a new job,  new responsibilities and a whole new language. Sometimes we still are that person. We could tell you plenty of stories.

Our goal with Getting Started in Sponsored Research is to make the process of starting a new job less painful for you than it was for us. We do this by offering a series of short weekly webinars for those just getting started. Although we encourage people to take all six sessions in order, you can join any session you like. Stick around after the session for live office hours to ask questions or share your feedback. 


Vanderbilt Program in Sponsored Research DevelopmenT (VPRAD)

VPRAD is our baby. Our nearly 10-year-old baby. It's a program we developed to help research administrators at Vanderbilt University and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center understand how the research enterprise works and how their role within their institution supports research and research compliance. 

While we're not abandoning our roots at Vanderbilt, we're now offering our program to anyone interested in learning more about the research enterprise and how all the various parts fit together.  VPRAD has a beginner level, an intermediate and advanced practitioner levels to meet you wherever you are in your career and level of exposure to the research enterprise. 



research administration Workshops

We've attended a number of professional development events over our careers and have found that the best sessions are those that we can readily apply to our daily work world. That was our goal when we developed our workshops for research administrators and others who support the research enterprise. 

Our workshops take cutting edge research into organizational communication, leadership and more and translate that into the world of the research enterprise. We hope you will be able to take the learning you gain and put it into practice immediately. 

These workshops cover a wide range of important topics in research administration, including:

  • Research Integrity
  • Interprofessional Competency
  • Team Science
  • Financial, Regulatory and Audit Compliance
  • Quality Improvement