Supporting Team Science Conference

Vanderbilt University will be hosting its 2nd Supporting Team Science event on September 15, 2016. This day-long event will focus on the unique opportunities and challenges at the intersection of team science and research administration in a global context. 

In more than 40 presentations Vanderbilt faculty members, institutional leadership and top research administrators we will move from simply understanding the dynamics and issues in team science to applying best practices in supporting global team science in our day-to-day work!


Want to know what you can expect? So, here are six reasons why you should consider attending Supporting Team Science at Vanderbilt University, September 15th!


Whether you know it or not, you’re probably already supporting team science in some way, but it would probably be easier to do so if you had a better understanding of it. We’ll talk about the unique challenges and opportunities team science presents researchers and the research enterprise. You’ll hear from Tom Arrison (Interacademy Partnership), a leading expert on both the science of global team science . You’ll meet a number of Vanderbilt faculty members who will talk about their own experiences being a part of team science. 

In addition to our main stage of keynote and faculty presentations, our afternoon sessions will add a track for folks interested in laboratory research and compliance. We’ll also have a track for departmental administrators, including administrative officers, grant managers and budget/accounting analysts. We’ll even have a track just for clinical research folks who want to hear more about how team science is impacting their world.



Across all our sessions, we want to give you the tools to make a difference right where you are in the research enterprise. Presenters will share strategies, techniques, and best practices designed to move you from being a passive learner to active participant in supporting team science as soon as the one-day event is over. We’ll give you opportunities to reflect on the best practices, techniques and strategies and identify the ones that you want to add to your toolbox. In addition to receiving copies of all the handouts and slides, you will be able to note your “take away” points in a next steps section and make a detailed plan for supporting team science. Ultimately, we want to put you in charge of how you support team by giving you a wide variety of tools and tracks.



Our afternoon tracks will give you a more tailored experience, allowing you to attend sessions that speak directly to your role in the research enterprise. We’ll also provide all attendees with a full and complete copy of the slides and handouts, so that you can access the materials from sessions you weren’t able to attend. Additionally, we’ll be making many of the sessions available online after Supporting Team Science so that you can revisit a session or see one that you missed.



We will be our own mini version of Twitter throughout the Supporting Team Science event so that you can see what others are thinking and writing about their experiences. We’ll even have prizes for backchannel users! This backchannel will be transcripted and added to the Supporting Team Science website so you can read the “chatter” after the event to see what everyone was talking about. We believe that utilizing this backchannel during and after the conference can help you achieve your learning goals and activate real changes in your world that will better support team science in the research enterprise. It’s about growing the learning to more than you ever dreamed possible in one day!



Intentions without action aren’t worth very much. Our goal is to help you move from intention to action. We’ll help you craft an action plan that you can take back to work with you. We’ll also follow-up to prompt you to document steps that you’re taking to support team science. We will give you tips on how to talk to your faculty members and research staff, and give you some techniques that you can use for effective communication.



Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center scientists are on the cutting edge in research, posing innovative solutions to some of the most challenging questions facing us today. You’ll meet many of these faculty members in Supporting Team Science. With more than $600 million in external funding (FY2013), our faculty members, administrators and leaders will be speaking from experience in how they support team science and the best practices that you can implement. 

September 15, 2016 | 1 day

VPRAD Center, Suite 338, 2525 West End Ave

Regular Registration: $100

Student Registration: $25

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