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Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development

We live and work in an era of increased competition for sponsored research funding that is coupled with an increased need for interdisciplinary team science among researchers and a heightened need for compliance. The Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development (VPRAD) aims to ensure that front-line research staff members are equipped to effectively support sponsored research while also serving as an important component of their institutions’ commitments to the responsible conduct of research. Our goal is to build a practice of collaboration between research staff members and researchers, thus reducing the administrative burden on all of us.

VPRAD 0 - Online

This program is designed for people who are new to the research enterprise, ideally within their first months on the job. Participants will engage in 30 online sessions to build a foundation of understanding of the research enterprise.


getting started in sponsored research    (intro to vpraD)

During this four-hour workshop, delivered in one live in-person workshop for Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees and via eight 30-minute webinars for anyone else, participants will gain a better of understanding of the nature, function and context of the sponsored research enterprise.


vprad - level 1

Our Level 1 Program includes more than 50 hours of lectures, activities, reflections, tours, discussions and one-on-one mentoring in a live format for Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees and online for anyone else. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the research enterprise and its various components and how they function together to support research and support research compliance.


Upcoming Educational Sessions and Workshops